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Based in a discreet location in Hereford, Elite Special Projects provides specialist defence consultancy, equipment and research & development design services. Elite Special Projects works with both companies and end-users wishing to gain advantage within business or in operations. We help companies gain recognition of their capabilities and are entrusted by military units, police and government agencies to design or actively source mission-critical equipment on their behalf, as well as hosting demos, training and advising on new and emerging capabilities.

Relationships Are Everything​

The key to success


Elite Special Projects assist companies and specialist end-users to enhance their operations. Our services ensure those we work with are one step ahead of the competition whether in business or on the battlefield. Our ultimate aim is to ensure  that the end-user acquires the best possible equipment to carry out operations safely and effectively by representing companies offering niche, game-changing capabilities.





Expert consultancy

Companies with niche-capability

Elite Special Projects provides exclusive consultancy services to companies wishing to make an impact in the defence and security sector. We possess a unique understanding of the needs of the specialist users, boasting trusted relations across the full spectrum of communities in which we operate. Within this niche and often impenetrable area, we provide our clients with unparalleled insight and expertise, assisting to open doors and discover new and often unadvertised opportunities. We are trusted to source and advise on operational-advantageous capability across military, government and law enforcement and so only work with companies that we truly believe in. 

End-users with specialist requirements

Elite Special Projects works with specialist end-users in the military, law enforcement and government, to understand their exacting operational requirements. We provide insight into emerging technologies and source specialist capability in order to fulfil their operational needs. You can rest assured that we offer a discrete and confidential service.

Suppliers of cutting edge equipment​

Enhancing specialist operations


Elite Special Projects are trusted to source and supply specialist equipment for defence, security and law-enforcement professionals. We proactively track and survey the market to deliver niche, operational-enhancing capabilities to the worlds most elite forces. We work closely with our customers to understand their operational needs and then provide products and technologies to meet or exceed their exacting requirements. If you are a specialist user or organisation requiring technology for a specific project, or if you are a company with specialist capability yet to gain the recognition it deserves, Elite Special Projects can help. 

  •  Networked unattended ground sensor systems FLEXNET
  • Specialist vehicle integration/conversion
  • Covert Vehicle installations 
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Drones
  • CUAS detection/ mitigation/consultancy
  • Optical and thermal imagery
  •  Covert Surveillance Video/Audio
  •  Robotic surveillance
  •  Intelligence via imagery – all spectral bands
  •  Agile, tactical ISTAR exploitation and database applications
  •  Tiny Swap rugged, tactical microprocessors
  •  Man-pack size comms convergence and reach back technologies
  •  Tiny high bandwidth and secure radios
  •  Digital EP and TI hardware
  •  Tracking Software
  • Communications Jammers
  • RCIED Jamming
  • Exploders
  • Spoofing
  • Deception
  • Detection
  • Signal Generation
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)  
  • Innovative Power Solutions

Specialised Research & Development

Mission critical technology design services for high risk operators


Elite Special Projects offers high-performance, mission-critical technology-design services for high-risk operators. Our Elite Special Projects Research & Development (ESP R&D) team are experts in Electronic Warfare (EW), Tactical Cyberwarfare, Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Technology for police, Government and specialist military users.
Our expert engineering team hold a deep understanding of the subject matter, having designed and created numerous products that have gone directly into service with specialist end-users worldwide. They have vast experience in designing electronics for the defence and security industries spanning many decades and prior to joining Elite Special Projects have been the lead designers of numerous pieces of equipment.
Our workshop has been created to help customers and end-users who require specialised design consultancy, helping to rapidly turn their requirements into reality. We help to determine the problem and provide methods of technology to improve, correct and resolve.
Our Elite Special Project’s R&D facility encompasses all services needed to support a product through life and service including, field trials, compliance testing, volume manufacture and end-user training.


  • Communications Jamming
  • RCIED Jamming
  • Exploders
  • Advanced Manual EOD Techniques
  • Spoofing
  • Deception
  • Detection
  • Signal Analysis
  • Signal Generation
  • Direction Finding
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)  


  • Industrial Design
  • Complex PCB Design & Layout
  • High Speed Digital Design
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Speed/Area Efficient FPGA Design
  • High Reliability Embedded Software
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Windows/Linux Software Development
  • Mathematics & Simulation
  • RF & Microwave Design
  • High Power RF Amplifiers
  • Design for Manufacture & Test (DFMT)
  • Design for Harsh Environments

Demonstrations, Trials & Training

Discreet capability centre


Gone are the days where boardroom presentations, or exhibitions are sufficient to communicate the features, advantages and benefits of a company’s products. There is a rising necessity to create environments for customers to experience products firsthand.
Elite Special Projects has established a discreet new Capability Demonstration Centre in Hereford, consisting of presentation, training and demonstration areas.
Our new Capability Centre affords us a unique opportunity to engage with end-users on a personal level, to understand their needs and to demonstrate how our clients product will help to optimise and enhance their operations.
We showcase equipment and solutions on behalf of our clients, direct to both the end-user and potential customers where they can trial emerging capability and provide valuable feedback. 

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What do our clients say?

Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we do not disclose who we work with.

ESP have provided unique access and insight into sectors of the defence & security industry that are particularly difficult to address. I have been very impressed by the team’s transparent, honest and direct assessment of our products and their ability to match that assessment to real-world needs and requirements. Chris is a superb ambassador for the company.
MANAGING DIRECTOR - military Power solutions
Chris is an ultimate professional and a pleasure to work with. Chris is hard-working, diligent and completely trustworthy. He is also incredibly well-connected, which in his current venture (ESP) benefits both his customers and clients alike.
company DIRECTOR - defence industry
Chris is an extremely hard-working and enthusiastic individual who is always exceptionally professional; he always operates with the highest integrity and is a strong motivator and team player.
COMPANY DIRECTOR - specialist vehicles
Chris is an exceptional character, who has an agile mindset towards the next generation of capabilities and solutions within Security and Defence.